About Us

NBA2KHUB is a forum website that lets you browse NBA 2K game mods, comment or react on them, share it or filter it with your friends. The website aims to make the works of game moderators be easily accessible by different users while giving credit to them.

Our Story

After finishing my last semester, I was thinking of something to do with my project on our mini-thesis. I was just scrolling on a Facebook NBA2K modding group and got bothered when I saw a post that is not relevant to the group and worse, different people are taking credit to the work that they didn’t do. Then I decided why not create a forum website that its only content is game modifications, where one can share their works with different people with an option to filter who can download their work. Then the NBA2KHUB is created.

Big credits to Ragewolf254, BeepBeepLettuce, and Blackraspberry08 by guiding me while building this project.

To God be all the glory!