NBA 2K14 Launcher - Update v1.2 

Game Category:  NBA2K14  |  Mod Category:  Others

Hello Everyone! Here's the last update before I revamp the launcher to a newer style and system.

Update v1.2

 - Fix Client not removing in Clients Panel when Deleting
 - Fix Client Launching lag (Once Again)
 - Fix The file enbseries.ini is produced if you use shaders like ENB. Also, generating a saves(e.g., Saves, shoes, etc.) folder where the Launcher is located (if the saves folder in configuration is empty).
 - Add When Browse Button right clicked the Explorer will open selected the Folder/File
 - Add A backup will be created automatically whenever you save a client. It will ask you if you wish to restore the client if the file is ever corrupted.



GCash: 09381363520





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