Rock/Heavy Metal etc... jukebox.iff 

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Yo , tamang aral2 lang ng ibang mods for our 2K community 
custom Juke box para sa mga Metal Heads jan \m/ 
ThrashMetal/Heavy Metal/Pop rock etc...  

The file consists of:
1 Genocidal Humanoidz - System of a down
2 Repentless - Slayer
3 Last Resort - Papa Roach
4 Highway to hell - AC/DC
5 Breaking the law - Judas Priest
6 BabyMetal - Catch me if you can
7 Toxicity - System of a down
8 Rock and Roll - Led Zepellin
9 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
10 The Kids are back (Jackass 3D Intro) - Twisted Sister
11 Testify - Rage against the machine
12 B.Y.O.B - System of a down
13 I was made for loving you - KISS
14 Bulls on parade - Rage against the machine
15 Raining Blood - Slayer
16 Hero of the day - Metallica
17 Enter sandman - Metallica
18 Immigrant song - Led Zeppelin
19 Come as you are - Nirvana
20 Corona - Minutemen (Jackass Intro)
(c) to Erpheus sa base ng iff.file
(c) Christian Pangan Tutorial sa YT how to edit
(c) leftos and nesa24 for NBA 2K Audio Editor
(c) Jaosming

P.S walang english.iff yan edit nyo nalang sa Redmc thank you :)
Zip file



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